Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Here at LionFIT, we are a family! All of our staff make LionFIT a special place to be and work. Here at LionFIT, we genuinely believe that a happy team is a good team and teamwork makes the dream work! Call us today and speak to one of our awesome team members regarding any sportswear or teamwear your needing.


Meet The Team


Mikael Ginai 

Managing Director

Founder and CEO of LionFIT, Mikael has a clear and profound vision for the future of LionFIT . It was his own personal battle that made him create the idea of a brand, that not only pushed physical fitness but also mental strength.


Lesley Vainikolo

Chief Operating Officer


Lesley Vainikolo is our COO. He is a former international rugby player in both rugby league and rugby union . Having spent 18 years in Europe and the UK, he has returned home. He is passionate about mentoring young players to attaining their goals. As COO Lesley takes great pride in creating a team atmosphere within the office. 

Yusuf Ginai

Chief Operating Officer

Europe/United Kingdom

Yusuf is our Chief Operating Officer in Europe and the United Kingdom. Yusuf saw the potential for LionFIT to make an impact in the European and UK markets. Yusuf prides himself on his ability to make sure our customer's requirements are fulfilled to the highest possible standard.  


Ben Tapueluelu

Business Development Manager

New Zealand

Ben joined the LionFIT family at the end of 2019. An established individual in the teaching sector Ben has a passion for making sure schools are making the right decisions when it comes to their sportswear needs. Ben is also an avid coach of both rugby and soccer.

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Sienna Vainikolo

Business Development Manager

New Zealand 

Sienna joined the LionFIT family in 2019 and has been working closely with our clients to provide soloutions to their clothing needs. Sienna prides herself on her customer service and makes sure that all customers are happy with their final product.

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Nyla Vainikolo

Head Of Sales 


Nyla joined the LionFIT family at the beginning of 2020. Nyla saw the potential for LionFIT to make a change to the fitness clothing scene in Australia and was more than happy to make sure that Brisbane gets their dose of LionFIT!

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William Bilitaki 

LionFIT Athlete

William joined the LionFIT family in 2018, he is an aspiring rugby player who is driven and determined to attain his goals. LionFIT allows him to stay motivated and provides him with the tools, to become the best version of himself possible on and off the field.

Jerry Pati

LionFIT Athlete

Jerry joined the LionFIT family halfway through 2018. Jerry is on track to becoming a professional rugby player. He is driven, motivated and passionate about LionFIT and his journey to success. Jerry is currently playing in Australia

Jambo The Lion

Office Manager

Jambo is our Kenyan lion who keeps the office in line. He runs the office and everyone knows he is the boss. He joined LionFIT from day one and has enjoyed his role as office manager.